They have some pretty rad signature drinks — like the The Best Restaurant & Lounge Pairings To Celebrate Your Anniversary Ah, New York.

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Celeb Couples Favorite NYC Restaurants For many New Yorkers, there’s nothing quite like the familiar — that one Italian restaurant in Little Italy (everyone’s got one), the Thai place you always get your take-out from, or the bar around the corner where everyone knows your name (or, at the very least, the bartender knows your order). 8 Spectacularly Geeky Date Ideas For Nerdy Couples It’s easy for nerdy couples to fall into the mindset that date night should include an Xbox marathon and copious amounts of Seamless.

And while we certainly understand the temptation to turn to a classic (if it ain’t broke! Grab your over-sized sunglasses and follow the stars! But when you’re a geek in a city like New York, your future plans don’t always have to be a date with Destiny — you know, the popular video game for PC, Xbox, and PS4.

), if you’re looking to break out and up the glamour, try this — a celeb-adored restaurant. And let’s be honest: If Bey and Jay ate there, you can probably bet that it’s damn good. Here, we’ve hand-selected a few awesome date ideas specifically for the geekiest among us.

If you recently realized the person of your dreams has a smokin’ body and a brain that Einstein would envy, impress them with any one of the following options, curated for NYC’s nerdiest inhabitants.

Me, opening up about my sober lifestyle and Matt, in turn, sharing his vegetarian lifestyle. We love to read about it or watch it on the big (and small! Love in art is an ideal to aspire to — or, of course, to stay far away from — but here, we’re going to keep it to our faves, those couples we just can’t help but fall in love with, again and again.

He was also nervous about sharing his dietary restrictions, as it often put a wedge in furthering prospective partners in the past. As he told me, I was actually making a vegan curry and texted him a photo of it, trying to flirt with him with through my veggie cooking skills. Once we began dating, we needed to figure out where we could go that put both of us at ease in terms of our restrictions. They’ve got chemistry that’s off the charts, dates that make our hearts race, and the best home city in the whole wide world: New York City.Also full of dining experiences that are overwhelmingly not right for your anniversary dinner. Because the spot you pick for your anniversary dinner should not be the norm. We’ve rounded up our top 10 restaurants for your anniversary dinner, and paired each one with a lovely lounge, perfect for finishing the night with a nightcap if you’re not ready to run home just yet (but we sort of hope you do, wink).We don’t think that means blowing your savings, but we do think it means putting in a little extra effort, whether that’s traveling to a new neighborhood, finding a bar based on your gal or fella’s favorite drink, or, yeah, possibly throwing down a little more than usual. New Years Eve Date Ideas For Every Type of Couple New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and, if you’re like many New York couples, you still don’t quite know what to do. When I met Matt at a mutual friend’s wedding, I was thrilled to meet someone that I had so much in common with right off the bat.Google Snow Globe Pop-Up x Raines Law Room Tonight is going to highlight “old-fashioned” and “new age,” and it all starts in Flatiron’s Google Pop-Up Store.This Brick & Mortar shop has been given a festive makeover for the holiday season, decked out as a pristinely white, life-size snow globe (though shaking is not required).22 Places To Go When You Need A Non-Drinking Night We’re all about the cocktails that required degrees in mixology and are worth the 20-minute wait and pretty penny.