He now writes down important events because he has trouble remembering.

"Now, I won't even go the Robin's Donuts in that area because I have flashbacks," he said.

The Grizzlies issued a statement saying they were “aware [of] and currently gathering information regarding” The Post’s online exclusive on the incident. It’s not something that’s going to take me away from what we’re trying to do.” Fisher refused to say why he missed the team’s practice on Monday, which the Knicks had tweeted was “due to personal reasons.” LA court records show Barnes filed for divorce in January.

Barnes met Govan when she was 12, and they started dating in 2006, when he played for the Golden State Warriors.

Samuel Pervais was in a "good mood" that January Saturday morning.

Early for a medical appointment, he bought himself a coffee from Robin's Donuts and was strolling down the sidewalk when a Thunder Bay police cruiser suddenly pulled up and blocked his path.

Little did he know that the Robin's Donuts coffee cup in his hand would lead to his arrest for trespassing and an eventual breakdown at a hospital later that day.

“Matt came after Derek, but he only had a few scratches,” the source said.

“Derek’s not going to press charges; he’s going to let it go.” Fisher, who declined to comment in detail about the dustup, looked no worse for wear before the Knicks’ preseason game against the Brazilian Paschoalotto/Bauru team at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.

It was all a case of mistaken identity — Pervais was at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong coffee cup in Thunder Bay.

"I just froze," said the Fort William First Nation man.

Pervais said he was put into the mental health diversion court program for a year.

The January incident with Thunder Bay police brought forward the trauma he suffered while in solitary confinement, said Pervais.

The police watchdog also questioned why Pervais was arrested when one of the officers knew the Ojibway man did not fit the description of a suspect described by the 911 dispatcher, according to the letter. He was arrested in September 2015 following a confrontation with his father and nephew over his then 15-year-old daughter who skipped school that day. Pervais said Adam Capay, who spent four years in solitary confinement awaiting trial on a murder charge, was a few cells over.