Forced Execution Value Type What is the datatype of the Forced Execution Value?

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Whilst on the general tab, drop down the combobox next to the property.

In here you will see the types of connection manager which this task will accept.

We will have examples of each of these later on but certainly when we saw these for the first time we were very excited.

Next to the property if you click in the empty box next to it you will see ellipses appear.

There are certain types of connection manager that are compatable with this task so we cannot just create any connection manager and these are detailed in a few graphics time.

Double click on the task itself to take a look at the custom user interface provided to us for this task.

We shall, again, be visiting this tab throughout the article but to give you an initial heads up this is where you define the input, output and return values from your task. If however you now move on to the Result Set tab this where you define what variable will receive the output from your SQL Statement in whatever form that is.

Property Expressions are one of the most amazing things to happen in SSIS and they will not be covered here as they deserve a whole article to themselves.

Watch out for this as their usefulness will astound you.