But this uneasy seriousness lasts about 20 minutes and is shattered when he turns his attention to the issue of British schools turning their classrooms into no-go areas for the arts.'It is an absolute scandal, an absolute scandal,' he declares.'Every theatre in the country is busting a gut with departments filled with fantastically idealistic and committed people trying to undo the damage which has been done by decades of neglect in schools.'A generation has been deprived of the tools it should have been given to open a door that can otherwise seem daunting.At the same time the following blessing is given: "Per intercessionem S.

He will go for the quick effect even if it undermines the thrust of what he is trying to say.'Watching Hytner, 51, slowly choose his words, it is hard to recognise him in Sir Richard Eyre's description of a man full of flights of ideas, gossip, enthusiasm and indignation.

Even the arrival of the coffee is treated with a degree of rigour as Hytner questions a colleague about the kind of milk and carton supplied.

Numberless churches and altars were dedicated to him and many localities (Taranto, Ragusa, the Abbey of St.

Blasius in the Black Forest, etc.) claimed to possess some of his relics. In many places on the day of his feast the blessing of St.

In the Latin Church his feast falls on 3 February, in the Oriental Churches on 11 February.

He is represented holding two crossed candles in his hand (the Blessing of St.I tend to shoot from the hip and to open my mouth,' Hytner says, somewhat self-consciously.'What I find really alienating about George Bernard Shaw is what I find really alienating about myself.There are besides various recensions of the text of the Acts.According to the legend Blasius was a physician at Sebaste before he was raised to the episcopal see.The actual reason for the unusual veneration has not yet been made clear.