"We cannot change 40 percent of the train schedule and run them perfectly the first moment.We're asking for a bit of goodwill and understanding.

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But how long can we expect people to react with such forbearance and common sense?

The choice of Nice as a target – whether deliberately calculated by Isis or not – is potentially explosive.

The Euro 2016 football championship had passed off without terrorist attack. The attack happened on a day which celebrates the French, and western, values of democracy and fraternity.

President Francois Hollande had announced that the state of emergency, declared after the 13 November attacks in Paris, would lapse at the end of this month. It targeted families, including children and babies, at a moment of joy and relaxation.

A large part of its white population is descended from the “pied noirs” French colonists who were forced out of Algeria in the early 1960s. They live within the city boundaries, not locked away in the “banlieues” or poor multi-racial suburbs like in Paris or Lyon.

If you wanted to light the fuse of race war in France, Nice would be a clever choice.

The truck attack on Bastille Day on crowds watching fireworks at the Nice seafront has all the fingermarks of devilish timing and planning by Isis.

It targeted a city which symbolises France as the world’s most popular tourist destination and a beacon of There is something doubly and trebly terrifying about the use of a banal 20-tonne delivery truck to deliver 84 brutal, callous and pointless deaths.

This will in turn, Isis believes, recruit many more young Muslims to its cause.