To control which port the plugin uses, include one of the options shown below on the command line.

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Most users will not need to issue this command in normal circumstances.

tells Certbot to continue with certificate generation if only some of the specified domain authorizations can be obtained.

The generation of a new certificate counts against several rate limits that are intended to prevent abuse of the ACME protocol, as described here.

This command attempts to renew any previously-obtained certificates that expire in less than 30 days.

To obtain multiple separate certificates you will need to run Certbot multiple times.

Installers are Plugins used with the command to install a certificate.

These plugins can modify your webserver’s configuration to serve your website over HTTPS using certificates obtained by certbot.

Plugins that do both can be used with the Under the hood, plugins use one of several ACME protocol challenges to prove you control a domain.

Additionally you can specify scripts to prepare for validation and perform the authentication procedure and/or clean up after it by using the .