Her name was added to the sex offenders’ register with immediate effect and sentencing was deferred for background reports.Mr Robertson said police got a search warrant after Cairns’ Internet IP address indicated she had been trying to access indecent images of children.

Seks video video

A woman filmed herself having sex with her pet Labrador in a vile animal abuse video involving whipped cream.

Police found the extreme bestiality video on Suzy Cairns’ mobile phone when they raided her home looking for child abuse images.

At this moment in time I wouldn’t be inviting the court to call for any other form of reports.’ Sheriff Peter Hammond called for a background report and an assessment of Cairns’ suitability for tagging under an electronic curfew.

He said Cairns would be told how long her name would remain on the register when she returned to court to be sentenced on February 9.

The series tackles the tough questions that young people may have about their changing bodies and sexuality among other things.

AMAZE started out in the US‚ and is now being adapted for the South African market.According to UNAIDS‚ about 7.1 million people in the country were living with the disease in 2016.Since the launch on November 1‚ the videos have not gained much traction online yet - the most viewed content-related video has just 95 views.Among the adaptations are translations into Afrikaans and Xhosa and the inclusion of country-specific public health contexts.Whitney Chinogwenya‚ Brand and Communications Manager for Marie Stopes‚ said: “The South African AMAZE series hopes to be a resource for 10-14 year olds to help them navigate their adolescence with accurate‚ age appropriate information about sexuality that’s presented in an educating and entertaining way.” WATCH | AMAZE South Africa's video on sexual orientation The videos are designed to serve two main purposes.Access to the site also includes more than 30 other sites!