We will be modifying the main addon frame, in this case 'my Clock Indicator Frame.xml' which is used to display the current time.We need to: The On Load is needed to start watching the 'VARIABLES_LOADED' event (when my Clock Config will have its saved values set).

local my Clock Config_default Offset = 0; -- time offset? These are needed to create a table of settings, per-realm, per-character. This way changing configuration options on one character does not change them for all your characters!

Each of these variables is a default setting for a configuration option the user will be able to change in our config dialog.

Making a GUI Config/Options dialog for your addon is always a bit tricky, however this HOWTO will hopefully help you in such an endeavor.

Since a config dialog is usually added to an existing addon, this HOWTO will use an existing addon as an example, but we encourage you to use your own addon while following this HOWTO.

Demo Page Update Panel Animation Extender is an extender that allows you to play animations both while an Update Panel is updating and after its update is finished.

The animations to be played are declaratively specified by using XML.But it won't open your options right now, because you haven't made the frame yet!Let's flesh out a basic config frame: my Clock Config We now have a config frame, and if you go in-game you can see it in all it's splendor.From inside the game, you can hit the 'ESCAPE' key and chose the 'Addons' item to have my Addons open.From there you can click on the name for your addon, and then click the 'Options' button on the bottom right.Feel free to make it any size, and the ANCHOR point="CENTER" will make sure it is dead center on the screen no matter the resolution.