(Watch one sex offender describe how he was forced to give up an apartment ) Bruce Grant of the Florida Department of Corrections said the laws have not only kept sex offenders away from children but forced several to live on the street.

"Because of those restrictions, because there are many places that children congregate, because of 2,500 feet, that’s almost half a mile, that’s a pretty long way when you are talking about an urban area like Miami, so it isn’t surprising that we say we are trying but we don’t have a place for these people to live in," Grant said.

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It provides search options by name, address, zip code, and municipality. Are there restrictions on where sex offenders can live?

For less serious crimes, sex offenders may be able to petition to be removed from the registry after as little as two years.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement website answers the question regarding where registered sex offenders and sexual predators may live in Florida as follows: "In very general terms, barring any exceptions as so outlined in 2008-Florida Registration Statute, if a subject is a registered offender, who has a released status (meaning he/she is no longer serving any sanctions for the crime), and his/her offense date was committed before 10/1/2004, there is no Florida Statutory restriction on where he/she can live based upon his/her designation as an offender/predator. Contact the appropriate entities in your local area (i.e.

However, Florida Statute 2008-847.0145, with an offense date on or after October 1, 2004, where the victim of the offense was less than 16 years of age, cannot reside within 1,000 feet of any school, day care center, park, or playground. your local Sheriff’s Office and/or Police Department) to obtain this information.

Florida’s system for monitoring them needs to be fixed, says state Senator Dave Aronberg, who proposed a bill to increase electronic monitoring and create a uniform statewide limit that would keep them 1,500 feet away from places where children go.

‘We need to know where these people are at all times," Aronberg said after CNN invited him to tour the bridge where the sex offenders live."The rodents come up next to you, you could be sleeping the whole night and they could be nibbling on you," he said.Morales has been homeless and living under the causeway for about three weeks.Robert Letroy Howard, 38, is being held on a 0,000 bond. Public records show he was convicted of raping two 19 year old women in 1999.Authorities last verified Howard's address on June 1, according to the Alabama sex offender registry which lists him as compliant.For several of the offenders, the causeway is their second experience at homelessness.