Kristina and Dominic recently confirmed rumours that they were dating by going 'Instagram official'.

But the tennis courts have often been the venue for for blossoming romance as love-struck couples decide it is game, set and match.

As the tennis season begins with the first Grand Slam, the Australian Open,'s Roshneesh Kmaneck looks at top 10 romances that blossomed on and off the court.

Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov Maria and Grigor announced they were a couple in May 2013 and were often photographed together -- enjoying their free time, cheering each other at matches.

Their relationship was a hot topic in the tennis world with some speculating that they would wed in 2015 after Maria wore a ring on her fourth finger and gushed about the romance.

He was driven from London's Heathrow to the Royal Garden Hotel in Knightsbridge -- a popular choice for touring cricket teams.

But within minutes, Warne, now divorced, was driven to the nearby Bentley Hotel in South Kensington, a place popular with celebrities and visiting dignitaries.

'Kiki' was spotted in Dom's box at the 2017 ATP Finals in London, sitting next to his mum Karin.

'We understand each other perfectly, we know what the other is going through, we know the way the other one can feel,' Kiki gushed in an interview in Sydney last week.

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