We have worked privately with a behaviorist and although he has has some improvement, I know it will never get to the point where he can be groomed normally. There are simply too many dogs suffering because of this irresponsible company.

Animals are instinctual—if something happens once, and it was awful, they aren’t going to submit themselves to it again without a fight. I have not bought anything at Pets Mart since this happened.

It’s not just my experience that concerns me—it’s the countless people I’ve talked to in real life and on Facebook that have expressed their own horrible experiences with Pets Mart groomers.

Below are some questions asked of me about cats, with my answers. Of course, we didn't keep the cats in the bathroom all that time!

Some cats took a few months of our fostering them until we found a home.

I left them my cell phone number and told them to PLEASE CALL ME IMMEDIATELY if anything isn’t going right and we would come get him. When I got him back, it was like his personality had changed.

Suddenly he was fearful, snappy and displayed aggressive/protective behavior when touched in certain areas, as I mentioned above.

His hair was getting long and he had some matting so we decided to take him to Pets Mart to be groomed by a professional (and I use that term very loosely, as you can tell by the above comments from others who have horror stories about their experiences at Pets Mart).

We took our dog there and they said he would be fine. THREE HOURS later they called me (I had called in the meantime to ask how it was going) and told me he was done.

They clearly man-handled him and hurt him and made him feel like he had to protect himself from how they handled him.

What used to be my friendly, approachable, loves-everyone dog was now a fearful dog who didn’t trust anyone except the people he lived with and saw very often. I wonder this all of the time…if he was having a hard time with the grooming, they should have STOPPED immediately and called me and told me to come and get him.

We buy our food from the vet and our dog toys at Target.

I simply can’t support a company who thinks it’s OK to submit a scared little dog to 3 hours of terror.

I’ve never done a post like this, but something happened in my community recently which has rehashed some painful feelings for me and I’m so passionate about this issue that I need to share it.