Around 10 km from town, the road climbs to 4400m through a gorge wide enough for Litang to look like a worn-out Lego.Wind is ambushing our ears with crescendos that suddenly collapse to chasms of silence and massive tectonic scar rises from both sides.The mountain, so crushing until minutes ago, has become an exclusion zone erected around a human house of gods. As we jolt our way there, we are confronted to close-ups of Tibetan architectural vocabulary. The monk, the workers and the visitors could have been photoshopped into the same picture by a joker, as some appear free to run away from “here”, and run they do.

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Shangri-La is already at 3000m altitude and the monastery sits another 300m up, at the foot of Foping Mountain. Both restraint and flamboyance, building up into a concerto.

It costs 17 euros to visit, a normal price for China where local tourism is booming, but an impossible cost for any Tibetan (there are no discounted rates for nationals). Now we can see the entire place framed by empty horizons. I look at the black yak fur curtains that quarantine the gut of the lamasery, I stumble on wood stairs that isolate the spaces reserved for monks and the symphony of unknown origin gets louder in my head.

As Medok, the owner of Potala Inn, said in Litang, “every time the wind blows, the flags send a message for peace and health for all human beings.” Late in the afternoon we’re back in Shangri-La, reunited with our Belgian pals at the foot of the iconic prayer wheel sitting above the old town.

In Buddhist tradition, prayer wheels carry the mantra of Om Mani Padme Hum, and turning the golden cylinder is believed to spread compassion in all directions.

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2017 was a busy racing season for Jon: Baja 400 Bistrita, Baja 500 Buzau, Baja Transylvania Rupea and Hellas Rally, where we also debuted Jon’s latest design, the KIT701.

This beauty converts the Husky 701 enduro into what we like to call the #Ultimate701Jon won all the races in Romania and became National Champion for the second year in a raw.

It was a demanding, unpredictable, and in a sense more adventurous tour. For more photos from this safari head to SAFARI 2 page. ) Vezi articolul integral Breakfast: oats with milk, cinnamon and honey Lunch: guacamole, tomatoes, cabbage raita with Italian herbs...

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From Litang we stop advancing west and point south.