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The fears of retribution, social isolation, physical harm, loss of family, loss of work, along with his sexual proclivities, prevent him from disclosing.

Similarly, victims of sexual abuse, unlike other victims, almost never self-disclose.

They are trusting, vulnerable, curious by nature, and usually not suspicious of adults -- certainly not of a parent, teacher, counselor or other role model.

This can be true of adolescents as well, who can fall prey to sexual abuse even into their mid teens.

Child molestation is an invasion of the body and brain.

The harm is staggering, reaching into nearly all areas of the child's life: • Ability to trust others: Children abused by a trusted adult may have difficulty allowing themselves to get close to members of the extended family or adults they come in contact with.

Unfortunately, however, there are powerful risk factors as well.

Research studies have found that those most likely to recognize and report abuse are policemen or emergency room doctors, while those least likely to recognize and report abuse are people who come from the same community or religious background as the abused child.

In order to stop, he needs help through treatment, supervision or incarceration.