They feel very humbled and honored by this opportunity to serve, as they both became disciples of Christ during their time in our student ministries.

Dan and Candice Roditi lead the South County Marrieds group.

Daniel and Candice are very busy with their two kids but make time for running and other sports.

They have served in the ministry together since 1991. Their two children, Jiwoo and Jiah have both made Jesus the Lord of their life. Marcel and Karina Hall serve as Youth Ministry Leaders at the Orange County Church of Christ.

They are both graduates of the University of Southern California.

They have served in the ministry for almost 12 years.

They both became Christians while in college in 1997.

Bruce & Robin Williams are leading the North Orange County sector of the OC Region and lead the service that is composed of marrieds, singles, campus and teens.

They both became Christians while college students in 1969 in Gainesville, Florida.

Bruce also served as an elder and congregational evangelist for the LA church.

They have served as chairmen for the SW family of churches and led marriage and parenting workshops around the world.

One of their greatest joys is working with the North Orange County Ministry, where family bonds are being forged and strengthened.

Their dream is to see North Orange County evangelized.

He went out with the mission team to Asia in the same year.