The people have reached out to the outside world and are not so easily conned by government propaganda.

Defectors like Park also pose a threat to the regime.

When a Korean man is in love with you, you will know it. They will show it in the most surprising ways sometimes.

You can probably expect flowers or silly little gifts.

They are tired of living.” Kim Jong-un may have succeeded in lording power and fear over the rest of the world, but he has forgotten his own people.

Park says the North Korean people would welcome a war as “they will die either way, it does not matter to them how they die.” Novice Kim Jong-un has not found it easy to perpetuate his father and grandfather’s legacy and believes he needs to become a nuclear superhero to keep his people marching to order.

Instead of blindly assuming there is only a military solution to the problem and raising the stakes through Twitter spats, we must look to empower the people of North Korea. Food aid is diverted to the army and ends up helping Kim Jong-un to develop his military powerbase.

We should focus our energy on nurturing a home-grown opposition movement strong enough to overthrow Kim Jong-un and let the people take the road to democratic change, not war. The Kim Dynasty used their starving population as bait in the mid-1990s to extract international subsidies, which never reached the people most in need.If fact, there are so many issues around this, that I could probably create another website devoted to just that.The defector-led activist group Fighters for Free North Korea drops USB drives, DVDs and pro-democracy literature into the North by balloon.Over the past decade tens of thousands like her have fled the hermit kingdom hoping for a better life, and they do their utmost to stay in contact with their families.News from the outside world flows into North Korea on these illegal channels.In the real North Korea, beyond the missile tests and the clinical streets of Pyongyang, history is about to repeat itself.