MGAP represents producers of drones and helicopters, electrical consumer goods, fashion goods, electronic toys, etc.

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Due diligence allows for the assessment of basic risk for acquiring a rights catalogue or other IP assets, the risks of an existing corporate structure and system of management, and analysis of asset encumbrances.

Due diligence is necessary when planning corporate or investment deals, especially if an acquiring party/investor under the agreement is a foreign holding.

MGAP consults its clients on the following legal matters in the course of production and distribution of media content.

The final part of FIFA 2018 is planned to take place on Russian territory, and interest from clients is growing quickly regarding legal matters linked with advertising around this major football event.

One of the main tasks of our lawyers was to consult with our client on how to set up a legal mechanism for correcting false information published about person on the Internet.

Preparing a system of documents for Start that make the crowdinvesting mechanism possible, including a legal matrix for venture capital projects allowing the users of the crowdinvesting platform to complete all necessary procedures for an agreement between the parties in order to formulate the necessary terms and conditions for receipt or payment of private investment funds.We develop corporate and tax solutions in Russia and abroad, depending on the location of operations and assets, and the jurisdiction of partners and investors.Our worldwide network of foreign legal partners allows us to provide support to projects connected with the law of other jurisdictions.We know the Russian advertising market well and as well as advising on actual commercials, we have substantial experience of indirect advertising: product placement, merchandising, sponsorship, and cross promotion.This is especially important for pay TV channels in the light of recent changes in advertising legislation and demands a well-considered and thought through legal approach to the production and screening of this kind of content.MGAP provides full legal support to the production of an ambitious independent short film – «My Dear Fish».