It’s a beautifully expressive take on grief, the idea that being in pain can take you so utterly away from yourself.

When depression and pain take people over, remember that it’s an invasion, tells us. If series two in particular proved Louisa Connelly-Burnham’s acting chops as Shannon, the girl whose breadth of talents is only matched by that of her collection of tights, then series three was all about showing off what Kedar Williams-Stirling could do as Tom.

Later, Wolfblood hunter-descendant Liam (Niek Versteeg) is asked whether he’s still “Buffy the Werewolf Slayer”.

(Surely it’s every geek parent's dream for one day, their child to turn to them and ask, ‘Mummy, who’s Buffy?

When Aimee Kelly (who played Maddy Smith) decided to move on after the end of series two, enormous dividends when it came to series three, and made the transition to a genuine ensemble piece look effortless (however it may have felt behind the scenes).

Instead of introducing a Maddy-alike to occupy the place left behind by the Smiths, the existing characters swelled up to fill the gap more than satisfactorily.

Its supernatural situations lend themselves seamlessly to exploring the real world of childhood and adolescence. The same goes for the show’s forays into teen romance.

Put it this way, can you think of many more pressing playground issues than packs and territory? When the Xander/Cordelia pairing of Tom and Kay happened this series, it was a union of members of two different tribes that threatened to splinter established friendship groups.Irina met Kevin Moore on Flickr a while back, swooning over a photo of his black kitty kat.Little did she know this geek was a specialist in a different kind of kitty!Love them as we did, before long there was far too much intrigue in ’s newly expanded world to miss the Smiths. It’s certainly not the case that ’s female characters fall into the trap of being so few and far between they have to shoulder the responsibility of representation by being at once smart, sensible, capable and – that regularly mis-applied term – Many of them are, of course, and just as many of them aren’t.Series three took the action outside the parochial confines of Stoneybridge and into the sci-fi corridors of multinational corporation Segolia, which brought with it new additions in the form of Rhydian’s estranged father Gerwyn (Richard Harrington), scary security chief Victoria Sweeney (Jacqueline Boatswain), and scientist Dr Alex Kincaid (the casting coup that is Shaun Dooley). The point is that these girls and women are people first and anything else later.Go and show those Maths, Chemistry and Physics A Levels who’s boss, Kara. These lessons weren’t parroted in clunky ‘after-school special’ style scenes - they weren’t even necessarily voiced - but instead learned through action and experience. ” he tells best pal Shannon, who’d earlier asked him why he was trying to impress people he didn’t even like.