A few weeks ago, I got chatting to who I thought was a great guy from on here, he was local and we seemed to share many interests and had a laugh - we exchanged mail addys, got on msn and within 5 mins he was asking about the size of my t*ts... All the women have to say is they got a yeast infection and blue vainy boobs that hang down to the belly button, that should be enough to put most men off.

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SQUEEZE YOU THEREAnd this continues to very complicated scenarios involving showers beds fruit and cream, public places and changing rooms…And I am peeling the potatoes away, and seeing these texts getting more and more to a crescendo like he’s having a great imaginative experience. Anyhow if it keeps them happy Kath you are hysterical I'll remember that for next time.

it's hard for you think of my mother that'll sort it.

.lol,i've just had to wipe the coffee of my pc screen after that one! Now and again we used text to flirt with one another and wind each other up when he was on his way home - it was a great build up to his home coming, however that was in a serious relationship and I wouldn't share my thoughts and desires with just anyone.

Kath - I've used the same methods as you when getting e - mails and msn messages of the same content.

Mobile has impacted every aspect of our social life, so why not mobile dating?

Mobile dating offers the ability to find and meet local singles by using the GPS tool.Don't be so upset when you find that people have achieved things, you are still not too old to leave your computer and go and make something of yourself other than a nuisance. I'm a bloke.(Underlining the need to quote relevant posts, rather than point at them)Well done to wildirishrose for her achievements.You meet someone on here find them attractive have a few nice innocent mails talk about life in general and what you are looking for what they are looking for then you exchange numbers and the text soon turns sexual. Knowing that miles away, there is a woman who is turned on enough by contact with me to pleasure herself whilst thinking of me? I think to many of us think it is a crime to be proud of what we have achieved.A couple of “hi its me” texts and thanks for the number then …. I replied yes I was having an asthma attack,thanks for your help! Then after about 10 mins he’s texting saying "oh wow that was great you are amazing baby"And then the potatoes are ready and I'm mashing them thinking what does he think I’m doing? Some people obviously get some kind of satisfaction from this but what does it do for you? He said "SEND ME A PIC OF WHAT UR DOIN RITE NOW" so i sent him this one... didn't text me since.....if i run out of credit does that qualify as premature ejaculation?