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Ebla was destroyed during the 23rd century BC; it was then rebuilt and was mentioned in the records of the Third Dynasty of Ur.

This contrasts with Mesopotamian palaces, which resembled citadels with narrow entrances and limited access to the external courtyard.

The pantheon of gods was mainly north Semitic and included deities exclusive to Ebla.

The city was excavated starting in 1964, and became famous for the Ebla tablets, an archive of about 20,000 cuneiform tablets found there, dated to around 2350 BC.

The Eblaite palace was designed around the courtyard, which was open toward the city, thus making the administration approachable., Tell Mardikh), was one of the earliest kingdoms in Syria.

dating for homoseksuelle Christiansø Its remains constitute a tell located about 55 km (34 mi) southwest of Aleppo near the village of Mardikh.3500 BC), Ebla developed into a trading empire and later into an expansionist power that imposed its hegemony over much of northern and eastern Syria.

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