Wonderwomen with tits like artillery shells, virginal Lois Lanes – they all seemed entirely geared towards men and their desires, masquerading as action comic heroines.

Of course, there were powerful women within them – Captain Marvel and Black Widow to name but a couple.

Both of my brothers would read them avidly: everything from Marvel comics to Manga, but personally I found them boring and stereotypical.

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Hi readers, thanks to all for your response on my last story.

I am happy that a lot of females had came out with so many queries and a lot of them confessed that they enjoy a lot of incidents in daily routine and travel in Delhi green line buses.

All who travels by bus must be knowing that in the last back, the seat is long and so many people can sit on it, I managed to get into back side of the bus and was holding the upper rod to manage myself, The crowd was so much that the light from front was not able to reach at the back seat and it was very dark there.

The bus started and after every stop it started getting more crowded as it seems no body is getting down and everybody has to go to the last stop.

I think a majority of females enjoys these things just because that somehow Indian male forget to add oral sex in their lives and they can’t even imagine that what they themselves are missing and keeping their wives also deprived from the enjoyment of that.

The best part was when I receive mails from few husbands also that they too enjoy a lot of females in buses in spite of being married as it adds up the spice in their lives and the best part is that they are not indulging in full sex apart from their life partners, they feel it should be taken in a lighter way and everyone should enjoy the same.Read More » by Celia Morris / 7th January 2018 “I found out something about my housemate the other day,” a friend says to me. Some things are better abandoned before they really start.We’ve been sitting in Wetherspoons for the past hour, talking about porn; I feel we’re comfortably past the point of being able to shock each other. by Celia Morris / 10th January 2018 I wouldn’t call myself sexually illiterate, but I would say that, over the past year, my view of sex has been on a one-track journey. Former teacher Sal sees glimpses of Charlie’s controlling behaviour during the early days of their relationship and chooses to ignore them.Her side of the bed leans dangerously close to the floor, while I lie light as a feather on mine, trying a funambulist’s act not to roll down against her.I think irrelevantly of Power Plates, the micro-muscular structure solicited as people balance precariously on the machine, pretending to be astronauts.At the height of his short-lived fame, Joe Orton – anarchic playwright and cause célèbre of the English theatre – is found murdered at 25 Noel Road, Islington, his brains bashed in by his long-term lover and one-time collaborator Kenneth Halliwell.