While 16/88 articles contained at least one conflict, several articles contained more than one conflict (Figure 1).Of 129 editorials published JAMA in 2016, 23 (17.8%) discussed a drug or device and had a physician author based in the United States.

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Of these, 5/23 (21.7%) editorials were found to have a conflict between at least one author and the accompanying article’s drug or device. Three (50%) had conflicts greater than $10 000, two had conflicts between $0–100, and one had a conflict between $100–500.

Of 106 total articles from NEJM, 55 (51.9%) were included in our analysis.

Thus, our analysis only applies to US-based authors.

Second, we only searched 1 year on CMS Open Payments, to ensure the relevancy of payments.

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O caracteristică a societăţii româneşti şi, da, şi a presei, este că dacă între două momente ce aparţin aceluiaşi subiect trece destul timp, a doua oară tema este abordată la fel de entuziast ca prima oară.Whether our results are true across years remains unknown.Unfortunately, the CMS dataset contains only 3 years (2014–2016)As articulated 20 years ago, conflicts of interest are particularly problematic for editorial authorship, where impartiality in the adjudication of clinical research results is key, since editorials are largely based on the opinion of the authors.Of those 55 editorial articles, nine (16.4%) contained a conflict between at least one author and the drug or device mentioned in the editorial’s accompanying article, according to the inclusion criteria.Of these nine conflicted articles, 12 individual conflicts were present.We then used the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Open Payments tool (gov) to search the names of editorial authors; general payments issued to each author from the year 2015 were recorded, the year prior to the editorial.