“Manomin” gave its name to the moon (month) of harvest, which is typically the end of August to early September in northern Minnesota.

Harvest time can be fun, but a lot of hard work is involved, especially processing the grain on the spot, even with some modern aids.

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Learn more about the history, harvest, uses, types, and storage of wild rice.

It is also native to ecologically similar regions located on the continent of Asia.

This evolutionarily ancient grain has been found in layers of the earth dating back some 12,000 years.

The Chippewa word for grain of berry is "min." The word "mano", meaning good, makes "manomin" (good berry).

Wild rice was known by this name "manomin" to the Chippewas and to most of the early white explorers and settlers of the Upper Mississippi Valley.

This native grass has a very large, erect, branched inflorescence which produces edible grains.