Once you join the ADF you are legally bound to follow all lawful commands.

This means you may be required to live, work and if necessary fight, anywhere in Australia or overseas at short notice.

JENNY BROCKIE: So how much money all together would you have spent? JENNY BROCKIE: When was the last time you sent money? JENNY BROCKIE: And what was that like, what did they say to you? BRIAN HAY: When you talk to people that have gone through this shocking experience, there's still elements that they believe because it becomes an intrinsic part of their life.

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You'll work in a team-oriented environment requiring high levels of mutual trust and cooperation.

Risk to life may be involved, so general discipline and adherence to commands are critical.

JENNY BROCKIE: And what that like when you heard that? JENNY BROCKIE: Bill, do you know what's happened to your money?

BILL: Well, it's just a case of not having much to begin with, but what you did have has gone. BILL: Well, it's probably given somebody a good time. JENNY BROCKIE: Tracee, do you know what's happened to your money? We've seen a great movement towards Ghana over the past ten years, I've been to Ghana, spoken, worked with their officials, they estimate 70 percent of their offenders in their country are Nigerian.

Being well groomed and wearing your uniform with pride is all part of maintaining the noble and longstanding traditions of the Navy, Army and Air Force.

It also promotes an important sense of trust and confidence amongst the Australian community.Queensland Police Service For information on scams, and examples of fake documentation - Crime/scams/Nigerian_To report an advance fee fraud: Crime/scams/To talk to the QPS fraud squad, or to enquire about the Victims of Fraud support group call: (07) 3364 6622 (This service is offered nationwide)."Operation Disrepair" – South Australian Police To report a scam, or enquire about Victims of Fraud meetings, call (08) 7322 4247 Western Union Fraud Hotline If you think you've been scammed sending a transaction through Western Union, please report it to their Fraud Hotline: 1800 023 324, and please forward suspicious emails to [email protected] and territory agencies Jenny is a victim of online romance fraud, losing a six figure sum in six weeks. His photo has been used in hundreds of online dating scams.Equally, specific rules may be introduced for certain roles or in special areas to allow for operational, hygiene and safety requirements.The ADF has a strict policy regarding personal appearance.Tracee believed she was in a relationship with a U. Bill had Queensland police knock on his door to alert him he was being defrauded. S Army Sergeant, who then supposedly passed away, leaving him a box of money and gold. I now realise it was not, it was dialling to a computer somewhere.