Joe walks in before things manage to get heated, but when he heads back to check on Diane and Bosworth, Donna tells Cameron to stay out of her business and out of her life.RELATED Halt and Catch Fire Episode 2: EPs Talk '90s Pop Culture, Lee Pace's Hair" href=" target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow" On the car ride back from the hospital, Cameron asks Joe to pull over.

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Fearing the worst, he asks Cameron why she’s telling him all of this, to which she responds, “Because I love you.” The scene cuts to black before Joe has a chance to respond.

While everyone else is having a bad few days, things are looking up for Gordon.

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Later that night, Gordon is woken up by a phone call. They discuss how well Haley’s been doing ever since she started working at Comet, then Donna confesses her guilt about Bosworth.

Gordon assures her that Bosworth’s heart attack was not her fault, but a result of the stress he caused himself.

After they hang up, we cut to Haley, who gets into the bed, puts on her headphones and blasts PJ Harvey’s “Rid of Me.” The song acts as a soundtrack to the closing minutes of the episode.

Donna sits down at the computer and plays , seemingly in awe of Cameron’s creation.

Katie is aware that he has a neurological condition, and that he jots down his pain levels in a notepad.