Niklaas' (Flemish) or 'Saint Nicholas' (Walloon) brings them presents on December 5th and 6th, St. Then in the night, Sinterklaas arrives on the roof on his horse with Zwarte Piet.

The outside is covered with chocolate butter cream and made to resemble a bark-covered log.

Some people celebrate Advent and have Advent Wreaths/Crowns made from fir or leylandii greenery.

There is a tradition that three days and three nights, the newly formed woman must resist her husband’s attacks on the performance of family duties.

After all, they have prepared all the dishes, and luckily with joy women will eat that.

That's why the present should be something that anyone would like!

Most people will have a Christmas Tree (real or fake!At Christmas parties at schools, it's common to buy a small gift which can be for anyone. A very popular one is putting on some music and passing the parcel around everyone sitting in a circle.When the music stops, the one who holds the parcel, gets to keep the present.We offer you the most unusual wedding customs around the world…. In Nigeria, If the bride before the wedding (or the first time after it) attains magnificent forms, the groom has the right to send her back to her parents. Here in Kenya it is the custom by which the first month after the wedding, the groom should wear women’s clothes to fully enjoy and understand how hard is being a woman. In Namibia, the bride wears a veil instead of a special hat, called a “ECORA” and which is made of goat skin, rubbed with tar, grease and red ocher. In the Surma tribe of Ethiopia, their is a custom in which a girl for some time before the wedding, remove the lower teeth, pierced lip and insert the clay disk in it. From time to time the disc is replaced by a similar, but by a larger diameter. The fact is though the larger diameter of the disc, the more bride’s dowry, because it symbolizes the drive level of wealth of the bride’s family. On the island of Java, as in most countries prior to the registration of marriage the couple must pay the fee in the budget. Lots of children also have paper Advent Calendars with chocolate behind the doors for each day!