Following the introduction of the Emicode standard, he says, both retailers and the industry experienced a significant reduction in the number of complaints.After being awarded the EC1 label, manufacturers commit themselves to produce their products under quality-controlled conditions so they comply with the Emicode requirements at all times.

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Sapa autonivelanta Ceresit CN68 25 kg este o sapa autonivelanta pentru trafic casnic utilizabila la interior pentru grosimi intre 2 si 20 mm.

Sapa autonivelanta Ceresit CN68 se utilizeaza pentru nivelarea si egalizarea sapelor de sulfat de calciu, magnezit, asfalt turnat, sapelor cu uscare rapida, suprafetelor pe baza de ciment cat si pentru nivelarea straturilor de sapa la cladirile vechi.

Chandra points out that stringent quality control in development and production, and continuous process optimisation is the essential basis for Ceresit’s success in the market.

Ceresit now brings together two of Henkel’s major flooring brands, Ceresit and Thomsit, following their recent merger.

Grundul de contact Ceresit CT 19 Super Grip se utilizeaza pentru amorsarea suprafetelor absorbante si neabsorbante, asigurand o puternica punte de aderenta intre materialele de finisare a peretilor si pardoselilor si suprafetele critice.

Grundul se poate aplica atat in plan orizontal cat si vertical la interior, pardoseli incalzite si exterior.He continues: “An important pillar of Ceresit’s success is our key values – quality, technical expertise, sustainability and innovation – which allow us to best serve our clients.This is how Ceresit meets the demands of the construction industry and professional craftsmen worldwide, and sets the highest standards.Most of Henkel’s Ceresit flooring technologies are Emicode EC1 certified, which is regarded as the highest quality seal for low-emitting building products among professional craftsmen, planners and tenderers, according to Sujit Chandra, senior product manager at Henkel Polybit Industries, a UAE-based manufacturer of flooring and waterproofing products and construction chemicals.The Emicode issued by the GEV (Gemeinschaft Emissionskontrollierte Verlegewerkstoffe, Klebstoffe und Bauprodukte) has evolved into an internationally recognised guidance and quality standard for low-emission products, he explains.Sapa autonivelanta Ceresit CN 68 nu trebuie amestecata cu alte tipuri de mortar, adezivi sau rasini sintetice si ciment.