There are reasons one of Osweiler's assistant coaches at Arizona State, Matt Lubick, brother of Broncos assistant Marc Lubick, assured Elway in the winter of 2012 that the kid would end up as one of the steals of the draft.

But Osweiler is struggling now, while the Broncos are the Broncos, and Elway has beaten the Patriots in one AFC Championship Game with an offensive-minded team (2013) and in another with a defensive-minded team (2015).

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The Stampeders have four other quarterbacks on their roster, but last year’s starter, Henry Burris, (Temple) was traded in January to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in a deal that brings Hamilton veteran QB Kevin Glenn (Illinois State) to Calgary.

Last year, Glenn complete 307 of 488 pass attempts for a 62.9 percent completion rate and 3,963 yards. Drew Tate (Iowa) who appeared in three games in a relief role for the Stampeders.

Osweiler was all over the place with his passes, and the Broncos hit him hard on or after delivery every chance they got.

Osweiler yelled at wide receiver De Andre Hopkins, a much better football player than the quarterback, after one throw to nowhere. We wanted Brock to come out here and struggle, and he came out here and struggled."Talib was asked at his locker if the Broncos were motivated not only to end their surprising, two-game losing streak but also by a desire to prove to Osweiler that he shouldn't have left."Definitely, definitely," the cornerback said.

Osweiler walked out on that program because he said he fit better in O'Brien's system. "Extremely disappointing" was how Osweiler described the performance. So, of course, he was asked if he had any regrets about leaving a championship team."Absolutely not," he said.

"I always told people that I never live my life looking in the rearview mirror with any regret."Osweiler said he was surprised the boos that greeted him weren't louder. Brock Osweiler's return to Denver in the colors of the Houston Texans wasn't exactly Le Bron James' return to Cleveland in the colors of the Miami Heat.

This isn't to say Osweiler won't develop into a pretty good player in this league.

He beat the unbeaten Patriots last season, and he delivered a thrilling comeback against the Colts last week, and he made a sweet, third-and-8 run against Denver in the third quarter.

Elway has taken the Broncos to seven Super Bowls as a player and general manager.

Elway's teams won three of those big ones, and yeah, he'd probably trade a lot more than his economics degree from Stanford to make that number four or five.

Cam Sexton (Catawba) and Canadian Brad Sinopoli (Ottawa College) did not see action last year.