Colin shows Chick his pianocktail: Each note the player strikes corresponds to a liquor or flavoring. Chick relates how he met her at a lecture by the great Jean-Sol Partre and slept with her the same night. Intermezzo 1 – Colin dreams of the girl of his dreams.2. Isis invites everyone to a birthday party for her little dog. ACT 2 Colin awaits his dream wedding in a fever of anticipation.5.He invites Colin to the skating rink, where he has a date with Alise the next morning. A tragic accident brings a priest and eight cleaning attendants to the scene. Tableau At the birthday party of Isis’s little dog. Chloé shares her name with the foxtrot made world-famous by Duke Ellington. Tableau The pansies of honor, Pégase and Coriolan, are just as late getting ready for the wedding as the three girlfriends, Chloé, Alise and Isis. Tableau On their honeymoon, Colin, Chloé and Nicolas arrive at the copper mines.Rang)Late Night Talk (in German) Directors, dramaturgs, singers and conductors are ready to answer your questions: Colin’s flat is lit by two suns, then: Colin loves the light. His friend Chick is poor but has got a girl-friend, the lovely Alise. Colin hopes that Nicholas has got more than the one niece, because: “I am longing to fall in love with somebody!

Sie stehen für Typen, die zupacken können, aber nicht egoistisch ihre Interessen verfolgen. Frauen suchen gesellige Kerle, die Rotwein mehr schätzen als Pommes rot-weiß.

Rotwein wird mit gutem Einkommen und hohem Status assoziiert, genau wie "Kultur" und "Kunst". Die Frau denkt die Sache nur vom Ende her: der Reproduktion.

To kill it off Chloés needs to be constantly surrounded by flowers.

Buying those drives Colin to his ruin, as his financial means have already diminished considerably due to both his own lavish wedding and his lending money to his friend Chick for the intended wedding with Alise.

To Colin’s surprise, it turns out that Nicolas and Chick have a mutual connection: Chick’s girlfriend Alise is Nicolas’s niece. Chloé suggests window shopping, but she disapproves of the displays, with their scenes of sex and violence.

Nicolas has a rather low opinion of Alise’s friends and her penchant for philosophy. Colin tells how Nicolas dispatched the eel, then asks about Alise. Colin and Alise get on well, but Alise mostly raves about Uncle Nicolas, who arrives with a new conquest, Isis, at his side. On a park bench, Colin and Chloé steal their first kiss.Chick, however, has spent everything on Jean-Sol Partre’s first editions, castoff pipes and old clothes.9. Intermezzo 7 – A young woman sings the song of the backstreet.14.Tableau Chloé undergoes surgery, but now the water lily has invaded her right lung as well. When the director learns that Colin needs to earn money because of his love for a sick woman who »isn’t good for anything anymore,« he initiates him into the mysteries of arms production.11. She is in despair because Chick has thrown her out of their apartment. Tableau - Epilogue The mouse can no longer bear Colin’s suffering.Chick - as self-professed existentialist - did not spent that money on the wedding but bought first editions, manuscripts and old pipes by the great philosopher Jean-Sol Partre instead.Chick separates from Alise, but Alise has stolen his “heart-rooter” and she is determined to make use of that dangerous weapon.In L‘Écume des jours melodic and intense though intimate scenes alternate with chorus scenes of musical-like quality.