I’ve never resonated with the usual dating and courtship process.Traditional dating is actually one of our society’s most ineffective inventions.When I get to know a person a little and sense that something wonderful could develop if we were to mutually progress to a deeper, more intimate level of sharing, I’ll share my thoughts and feelings openly with her and then ask if she feels the same.

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Erin and I were already boyfriend-girlfriend before we ever went on a typical date.

Most of the time we got together, we went straight to each other’s homes, where we could talk one-on-one for hours.

I’m wondering if you feel the same.” How long did that take? Alternatively, I could have played all sorts of silly games to try to figure out how Erin felt about me.

The direct approach achieved a resolution in less than one minute. This openness and directness quickly took our relationship to a whole new level.

The main reason it gets so much attention is the commercial engine that drives it. want you to believe that spending money on their products and services equals romance.

If you’ve swallowed this belief system, I assure you that you’ve been duped.We can simply say how we’re feeling and ask for what we want.This is how I’d expect to begin any new relationship as well.I think you’re a very special woman, and we obviously have a lot in common.I’d love to develop a closer relationship with you. In fact, by the end of that phone call, we already saw ourselves as being boyfriend-girlfriend.Erin knew she could trust me and that I wouldn’t play games with her.