Not fit for a White woman anyhow, but I do understand your frustration.

We had both come from failed marriages, which had become sexless and unfulfilling.

We had been dating for over a year, and had pushed each other's fantasies into realities one after another.

Lauren and I eventually ended up in the basement, with a trunk full of bondage gear, naughty lingerie and loads of toys.

I remember being on my back and Lauren riding my cock as she squatted over me in these crazy black shiny stiletto shoes, nipple clamps swinging.

She takes my cock in her mouth and sucks me clean, my whole cock, deep down her throat as she laps and sucks every bit of Carolyn's juice off me. " Lauren comments as she looks over to her sister, and it sinks in....

I just fucked two sisters and my girlfriend just sucked her sister's pussy juice off MY cock, and it was INCREDIBLE.So, this night began with a load of alcohol, maybe too much.Her sister, Carolyn, I always thought was pretty hot and we knew she and her husband were into the swinging scene, amongst other things.I hate my brother so I didn't see this as a viable option.However the idea of watching this wonderful and sexy girl being fucked started to have an arousing affect on me. All they care about is getting their noodle wet so let that be their destruction. They are desperate fools in search of cheap easy sex. Ignore that oil driller, and all the other oil drillers too.