I was walking in SOuth Molton street and ended up in their shop. Coming home and looking into the company, I’m not surprised they have such a bad reputation! Can we please all do the following: 1) Write to Westminster county council who rent them the properties and tell them that is a company bringing a very bad reputation to the other higher end shops nearby as well as using bullying tactics to sell to customers. Tiny bottles of sugary alcohol that made you talk to boys, throw up and get told off by your parents.

10p flirt adult-40

He always kept on complimenting me on how beautiful skin I had.

He started talking more and more, until it felt like my ears were bleeding!

He then became even more aggressive started asking why I didn’t want to buy anything from him, if it was a matter of price.

I told him yes, I would never buy products for hundreds of pounds without doing research first and trying samples.

He then started throwing in even more products that I would get included in the price he had already offered me, stating that he was not making anything out of the sale now, and that he only gave me this “amazing” offer because he liked me and wanted me to use their products.

I told him NO one final time and that I would not buy anything from him, I told him I would try the sample he gave me, then see.He also told me that their policy was to not advertise so that they could sell their products for a cheaper price.I told him again that his products seemed good but that I would not buy anything from him.From now on I’ll walk on the other side of the street every time I cross that Oro Gold shop!I have to say, I totally understand how people are not able to say no to these people and their sale tactics. Spending an entire week waiting for the next episode of The O. Fancying Seth Cohen, wanting to be Summer Roberts, and feeling awkwardly not sad when Marisa died.